ICBC Berlin and Barcelona

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) began in Berlin, and will be there for the third time this year, March 31st to April 2nd. However, the first leg of the ICBC’s European presence in 2019 was Barcelona. In a joint event with Spannabis, Europe’s largest consumer conference the Cornella Auditorum in Barcelona saw more than its fair share of cannabis professionals!

The event had a stellar line up of speakers,  with the first talk including Wagner Dimas’ and’s Dean Arbit, Bedrocan’s Mauricio Agudelo, Bhang’s Jamie Pearson, and Gavin Sathianathan of Alta Flora. Gavin summed up the importance of Europe in explaining just as the Canadian cannabis companies have shifted from West Coast to East coast, from the centres of cultivation to the centres of finance, so too Europeans will be more and more interested in London.

Next spoke Nic Easly of 3C who spoke passionately about the pros and cons of different European territories and spoke out about companies that opportunistically seek licences in various locations without a coherent business plan.

After this there was a talk about the social club model with speakers Pasha Brands’ Jamie Shaw (longtime activist in Vancouver, British Columbia), David Madilyan president of the HQ social club in Barcelona, California cannabis consultant extraordinaire Dr. Dina, and Spanish attorney Bernardo Soriano. In order to really understand this model we would recommend actually seeing the social clubs for themselves, once one goes to HQ club it becomes way more apparent how this culture will flourish.

Of course, there were also many major exhibitors at the conference as well. Especially popular were Rosin Tech products demonstrating their solventless extracting machinery. They were placed next to Embark Health Inc and their famous Chief Cannabinoid Scientist, Marcus “Bubbleman“ Richardson who pioneered the bubble hash process.

Finally, the event ended with an interview with Damien Marley well known for his music but also a firm believer in social justice in cannabis, as we have discussed previously.

The whole event was MC’d by cannabis expert and comedian, Ngaio Bealum who kept the mood lifted the whole time.

All in all, it was a great first outing for the ICBC in Barcelona, and should definitely build anticipation for the Berlin event which promises to great with two extra days and three times as many participants!