‘The Future in Cannabis is Microdosing’, Says Manna Molecular CEO

Manna Molecular Science is the maker of the very first cannabis-optimised patch. The company has recently teamed up with Aphria, a large medical cannabis producer, in order to bring its innovative patches to Europe. Aphria is a key player in Europe’s cannabis industry, which made them an attractive partner for Manna Molecular Science. The CEO of Manna Molecular has also argued that microdosing cannabis helps to meet many consumers’ needs.

Manna Molecular’s Partnership With Aphria

As laid out in the agreement, Manna will exclusively use Aphria as its cannabis patches vendor for the next five years. Nial DeMena, CEO of Manna Molecular Science, said:

“We chose Aphria because of their ability to scale and get us into numerous markets all over the globe. They’re a big, wealthy company that’s positioned in numerous countries.”

DeMena is excited by the opportunity to develop its Gen 2 patch with Aphria and scale up the manufacturing of its cannabis patches. The Manna Molecular CEO also emphasised why Europe is an ideal place to market the company’s products: “Europeans are very familiar with patch technology”.

‘The Future in Cannabis is Microdosing’

When it comes to medical cannabis in Europe, patients can use cannabis in doses that come with the high of recreational use. But not all patients want to feel intoxicated when alleviating the symptoms of their medical condition – and understandably so. This is why the cannabis market in Europe needs to be diversified, in order to meet the different needs of patients. Moreover, non-medical users may want to be able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a subtle way. This is where Manna Molecular’s cannabis patches come in.

The company’s transdermal patch is able to offer its customers a controlled dose of cannabis, through the skin, over the course of 12 hours. Manna Molecular Science highlights various benefits of its patches, which include:

  • Discreet use. You can wear cannabis patches hidden from view. There are no external signs of cannabis use, such as a cannabis odour, red eyes, or impaired functioning.
  • Controlled dosing. Each of your doses is absorbed into your body at a controlled rate. There is no spike in effects from an intense dose, nor is there a crash after a dose is delivered.
  • Ease of use. The cannabis patch can easily be applied to – and removed from – the skin. After applying the patch, it does all the work.
  • Accurate dosing. Each cannabis patch is pre-loaded, so you know exactly what dose of cannabis you are getting.
  • Manna Molecular also point out that each patch is designed to offer the maximum benefit of the whole cannabis plant. Cannabis edibles and capsules can damage or change the active cannabinoid content in the stomach and liver. Meanwhile, smoking or vaporising cannabis can result in the loss of cannabinoids due to the heating involved. Patches, on the other hand, change the cannabinoids the least while efficiently delivering plant terpenes and cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream.

It’s important to underscore that Manna Molecular’s patches make use of whole plant cannabis extract. Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, in contrast, have produced a transdermal CBD gel, which was patented in late February as a treatment of fragile X syndrome. However, studies have shown that a whole plant extract offers greater benefits than a purified single cannabinoid, like CBD.

DeMena believes that using small amounts of cannabis is the way forward in terms of cannabis consumption. He said:

“We think the future in cannabis is microdosing and long-acting forms, which are much harder to accomplish and have a big market globally.”

He added:

“Some people describe it like a warm hug that lasts all day. And I think everybody wants that feeling whether they’re at their computer or their desk doing work, or they’re out in the field, or whether they’re driving or flying, it’s a way to alleviate normal aches and pains and it’s a way to feel slightly uplifted in your mood. And that’s really why we like the technology and we think it has an enormous medical benefit long term.”

Indeed, microdosing cannabis may allow people to experience the manifold benefits of the plant without having their daily activities, routines, and responsibilities impacted. The arguments in favour of microdosing cannabis are similar to those made by people who take microdoses of psychedelics. People in the latter group want to be able to go about their everyday business but with improvements to anxiety, mood, focus, productivity, or creativity. Microdosing psychedelics (or cannabis) has reportedly allowed users to experience noticeable benefits without getting high or having their day affected.